“We can put a nutritious plate in front of anybody, but if the person has chewing difficulties due to loss of teeth, he won’t be able to take advantage of all the nutrients of the food.” – Dr. Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez


Hello! Welcome to the Aging Pearls Podcast, where we’re dedicated to providing dental pearls for all those concerned with the oral care needs of our aging population. I am Dr. Christie Hogue and today, we welcome Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez DS, MSc, DSc. As a geriatric dental researcher, he shares his expertise on how oral health conditions impact nutrition and can lead to frailty. He also gives emphasis on why oral health is key to overall health and encourages health professionals to come together to offer the best treatment possible to patients.


[00:01 – 07:45] Bridging the Gap Between Medical And Dental on Oral Health

  • Get to know Dr. Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez and how he became a geriatric dental researcher with a focus on frailty
  • There’s a lack of information on oral health in medical schools
    • Professionals should always keep in mind the role of oral health in the overall health of the patient
    • Proper knowledge of the mouth is important because it is related to nutrition
    • Losing our teeth is not a natural part of the aging process


[07:46 – 17:11] Frailty and Food Insecurity

  •  Food insecurity refers to the availability of food and accessibility to food
    • This includes economic, social, and geographical factors
    • Some people have access to food but not high-quality food
    • Seasons affect the variety of fruits and vegetables available for a population
  • Why the oral stages of a person should be considered
    • Losing one tooth can cascade into different events that lead to frailty and malnutrition
    • We will not be able to properly break down food if we have chewing difficulties
  • Frailty does not only concern older adults but people of all ages
    • It is associated with adverse health outcomes such as dependency, institutionalization, and mortality


[17:12 – 26:24] Improving Nutrition Helps to Improve Frailty

  • Understanding the function of the mouth and why the oral condition is vital
    • All teeth are essential in crushing the food and mixing it with the saliva
    • Adequate muscle strength is needed in the chewing and swallowing process
  • Health professionals should work together to bring person-centric care


[26:25 – 27:31] Final Thoughts

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Key Quotes:

“The most successful interventions aiming to improve frailty are focused on nutrition and exercise.” – Dr. Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez

“People often think they can lose some teeth because they have other ones to replace them. However, that is not true.” – Dr. Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez

“We are now beyond the specialty era. We have to merge all the knowledge available in different specialties in order to improve the health and the quality of life not just for older people but all people.” – Dr. Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez



Frailty and food insecurity in older adults


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