“Because we make this light the way we look into the mirror when we look or sell into the mirror. And we have to let the people know that that can be modified. As we were saying in our previous conversation, it is never too late to take action, to take care of ourselves and to improve our oral conditions. It is never too late.” – Dr. Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez



Hello! Welcome to the Aging Pearls Podcast, where we’re dedicated to providing dental pearls for all those concerned with the oral care needs of our aging population. I am Dr. Christie Hogue and today, we sit down with Dr. Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez to talk about why preventative care is important, and why people fear orofacial pain. Even though it can be preventative.


Dr. Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez was born in Chiapas in a long-lived family, always attracted to and exploring nature. He was an athlete during his youth and still loves sports. He started working on aging with the master’s degree and joined the Instituto Nacional de Geriatría in 2009. His research interests focus on oral health and the general health of older populations. He is a photography enthusiast and love long talks with friends.



[00:01 – 02:51] Why People Fear Orofacial Pain

  • Why people are avoiding dental attendance
  • Why the lack of self care is why people are experiencing pain
  • How simple prial pain


[02:52 – 04:52] Why Older Population May Be at Risk From Infections

  • Why it is important to help the older population
  • Why it’s important for them to have their mouth check from time to time
  • Why it is also important for caregivers and healthcare providers to pay attention to the older population


[04:53 – 13:48] Issues With Oral Problems

  • How oral conditions affects eating
  • Why having tooth mobility embedding us to enjoy eating is not a game
  • How it also affects the nutritions of patients
  • Why we have to learn to improve our oral health


[13:49 – 17:00] Final Thoughts

  • Dr. Roberto’s message to dental students
  • Dr. Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez – leave a review and comment (links below)


Key Quotes:

“We have to learn that we can improve our oral health. And that by doing so, it will pay dividends itself because we will be able to enjoy food again.” – Dr. Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez


“Take a look into your patient’s mouth. They may be experiencing something. Ask them how comfortable they feel when eating or talking if they notice some people understand them or misunderstand them when they try to talk, to say something that may be improved by the dental person, right?” – Dr. Roberto Carlos Castrejón-Pérez



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