Dr. Christie M. Hogue|1/16/2023

“What I have found is that the best professionals in this industry in operations understand what happens at a clinical research site.” – Tengu C Muna

Hello! Welcome to the Aging Pearls Podcast, where we’re dedicated to providing dental pearls for all those concerned with the oral care needs of our aging population. I am Dr. Christie Hogue and today, we sit down with Tengu C Muna to discuss the need to empower African healthcare professionals in clinical trials research.

Tengu C Muna has 19 years of experience in the Clinical Trials Industry as a Global Consultant Managing Clinical Trials.

Owner and Founder of Achaibo Clinical, dedicated to innovating and modernizing the African clinical trials space. By providing streamlined coaching and training services to African Healthcare Professionals. Their mission is to increase the number of patients of African descent participating in Clinical trials.

[00:01 – 06:-09] Increasing Participation of African Descent in Clinical Trials

  • Tribal Clinical provides coaching and training for aspiring African researchers and healthcare professionals
  • The goal is to empower people to get into the clinical trials industry, which is highly paid and often unknown
  • How Tengu curated two signature programs to provide hands-on education from someone who is present in the industry

[06:10 – 12:13] Advice for Health Professionals and Researchers: Widening Your Perception and Pursuing a Career in Clinical Research

  • Monitor role is at the heart of clinical research
  • Tribal Clinical Career Clinic program for medical doctors to work at a clinical research site
  • Blueprint created to help medical doctors with practices understand clinical trials
  • Education and knowledge can make a difference in people’s lives
  • Widening perception of oneself is important for students

[12:14 – 17:20] Final Thoughts

  • Tengu’s message to dental students
  • Tengu C Muna – leave a review and comment (links below)
  • Key Quotes:
    “Expand your perception of your world in whatever you are actually involved in.” – Tengu C Muna

“The divine operation is always for expansion and fuller expression.” – Tengu C Muna

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