Dr. Christie M. Hogue|8/11/2023

“We have to be in charge, but we have to build our tribe, our friends, our family, and our medical people.” – Deb Krier

Hello! Welcome to the Aging Pearls Podcast, where we’re dedicated to providing dental pearls for all those concerned with the oral care needs of our aging population. I am Dr. Christie Hogue, and today, we sit down with Deb Krier, a breast cancer survivor and advocate, to discuss the need for patient advocacy, effective communication, and human connection in healthcare, emphasizing the significance of open dialogue, caregiver involvement, and embracing life’s challenges.

Deb Krier is a coalition builder and warrior who is rewriting the playbook on how to L.I.V.E. with cancer. Diagnosed with Stage 4 Triple Positive Breast Cancer in 2015, she has seen what happens when cancer has people and is on a mission to ensure that we are no longer “fine” with cancer by energizing our voices and expanding our choices.

[00:00 – 08:01] Navigating Cancer Care and Advocacy

  • Deb Krier is a breast cancer survivor and coalition builder. She shares her unexpected path from stage zero to stage four diagnosis, highlighting patient advocacy and communication with medical experts
  • Deb’s personal stories reveal the need for patients to engage proactively in their care. She discusses navigating online medical information and stresses doctors’ role in providing clear guidance
  • Deb encourages people to be their own advocates and ask questions of their medical personnel
  • Dr. Google is the worst thing we can do when it comes to medical information

[07:27 – 14:33] Deb’s Insights on Patient-Caregiver-Medical Professional Dynamics

  • Deb advocates proactive communication between patients, caregivers, and medical professionals, emphasizing the significance of ensuring critical information reaches all parties
  • She underscores the role of supportive individuals during crucial medical discussions while stressing doctors’ responsibility to provide clear instructions in both verbal and written formats
  • Personal insights into emotional processing during medical diagnoses, highlighting the importance of a trusted companion for information retention, are shared

[14:33 – 21:24] Embracing Life’s Journey: The L.I.V.E. Philosophy from “Trying Not to Die

  • Deb introduces the unique perspective behind her website’s name, sharing how her hospitalization experience led to the realization that individuals often prioritize survival to the point of forgetting to truly live
  • She breaks down the acronym L.I.V.E., which forms the foundation of her website’s philosophy. It emphasizes leading one’s support network, invigorating the soul, voicing emotions honestly, and elevating one’s mindset to embrace life fully
  • Deb encourages people to advocate for themselves and their family members, as well as remember that everyone expresses emotions differently
  • Finally, Deb inspires patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers to embrace the human aspect of healthcare, promoting a culture of empathy, understanding, and connection on the journey toward well-being

Key Quote:

“And so when I talk to medical people, I tell them, you know, please remember that we are people; we’re not patients.” – Deb Krier

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