New Book Explores Link Between
Oral Health and Overall Health in Aging Population

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – April 3, 2022 Oral health and aging expert Christie-Michele Hogue, D.D.S. is launching a new book, Oral Health and Aging. The aim is to help those in the medical community better understand and address the link between oral health and overall health. This connection is especially important and often overlooked in the aging population.

“Our international group of authors provide valuable insight around oral care for the aging and the need for equity in oral health. We also address barriers to care in geriatrics, cultural considerations, as well as social determinants that may be impacted by healthcare programs and policies,” Hogue says.

Oral Health and Aging provides practical guidance for dentists, geriatricians, speech pathologists, dietitians, researchers, and other health care professionals who want to provide comprehensive, patient-centered, oral health care to older adults. It also explores inequalities in the oral health of minorities and elderly populations – particularly elderly patients with chronic diseases.

The book also discusses recent initiatives to promote better oral health and presents pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to achieving effective oral healthcare in geriatrics.

Oral Health and Aging is available for purchase here:


Note to Media: Dr. Christie-Michele Hogue is available for interviews and speaking engagements. To arrange, contact Crystal Garcia, Propelcon


Phone: 805.587.4199



Christie Hogue, D.D.S. is a dentist, author, researcher, and host of the educational podcast Aging Pearls.

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Oral Health and Aging Book Press Release 4.8.22

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