I am grounded by my role to the three most influential people in my life. I am the granddaughter of a centurion. My grandmother’s perseverance and ingenious ways of staying active, alert, and abreast of what is going even though everyone in her cohort (age group) had passed on was unbelievable. She remained healthy physically, mentally, and alert, keeping us on our toes until she passed just two weeks prior to turning 101 years old. Secondly, I am grounded as the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran who gives me those “straight talk, no chaser” talks. My Dad also gives me the sensitivity I need when I work with my Veteran patients in understanding that everyone has a story. Finally, I am grounded as the daughter of a God-fearing woman, my mom, who instilled in me that with God all things are possible. She also taught me the importance of perseverance as she has had three careers as a high school teacher of French and Spanish; a college professor, and a minister. In fact, she went back to school to earn her Doctor of Ministry after retirement.

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